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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lady Gaga Make Up Look

I've seen all kinds of crazy stuff associated with the music industry. After years involved with industry...from a peripheral standing as a consumer and music fan....as a performer at various levels, from open mics at bars to renowned music festivals....to ghost writing for renowned artists, doing session work in-studio, and throwing shows of my own...I gotta say, a lot of crazy stuff goes down. But one of the craziest things I've seen was surprisingly a Lady Gaga theme game featured on a website of games geared towards educating children.

The site in question is eduxtive, a great website for you to send your kids to play free, educational games. The game in question I'm referencing is the Lady Gaga Make Up Look. Now while the game itself is rather tame....this IS Lady Gaga, and it's all rather innocent enough, so no nudity or provocative content....one must still question the place of such a game on a childrens website. Let me elaborate further.

Lady Gaga is an entertainer. That is her entertainer monicker. As a musician, she is extremely accomplished - plays amazing piano, has a beautiful voice. But ever since the industry got a hold of her (or rather she got a hold of their contracts) I wouldn't consider her a particularly suitable role model for young children. Literally everything she wears on stage would break most schools dress codes to the point of suspension or expulsion...so why feature a dress up game for her on an educational website? I might be out of touch, but that seems a bit out of the age group compare to the other games offered.

Having said all that, the game plays nicely. There is a large amount of realistic versatility in the hair types and make-up choices. They even offer a variety of skin colors, so hooray for racial diversity! In any case, the placement of the game Lady Gaga Make Up Look feels....off...amongst the rest of the content on the site, but the game itself is nicely made.